In honour of its main character, Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, Ion Fury was originally known as Ion Maiden – but that changed soon after the band Iron Maiden threatened legal action. But the aging band needn’t have bothered – this throwback first-person shooter isn’t anything like the classic British metal forged in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Ion Fury is distinctively nu-metal; rooted in the ‘90s, hard as Nine Inch Nails and likely to make even the most skilled player feel like a bit of a Limp Bizkit.

Ion Fury is a singleplayer-only first-person shooter that feels reminiscent of pre-turn-of-the-century shooters like Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, with good reason: it’s been built on what is almost the exact same game engine, known as Build. It’s a colourful clash of primitive 3D environments with enemies and effects made of chunky 2D-sprites. Its pulsating MIDI-based soundtrack and crunchy shotgun effects seem like they’re being spat out by a Sound Blaster 16, and its main villain is voiced by none other than Jon St. Jon, AKA the voice of Duke Nukem himself. Ion Fury doesn’t feel like a mere homage to the era; it’s so exceedingly authentic that it’s as though it slipped off a game store shelf in 1996, tumbled through a wormhole and landed in my Steam queue in 2019.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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