The initial Sega Genesis Mini announcement filled me with a strange sense of dread. It’s not the first time the 16-bit Genesis got the mini retro console treatment, and the PlayStation Classic completely failed to live up to anyone’s expectations.

However, Sega really put its heart into the Genesis Mini, the official, first-party mini console celebrating 30 years of Genesis goodness. Not only did it announce an excellent line-up of games for the system, it also decided to add 2 bonus games never released in the west, bringing the total to 42 in all.

Japan’s legendary M2 handled the software for the Sega Genesis Mini, and the attention to detail that made M2 famous is fully present here. The menu music is an original creation written by Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro and created using the original Sega Genesis soundchip, and it will stick in your head all day. It’s wonderful.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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