After spending several hours with a mid-summer build of Borderlands 3 I can now say with confidence that the series’ fast-paced looter-shooter formula remains almost entirely unchanged. Borderlands 3 is unapologetically stylized, silly, and decidedly not shoehorned into the mold of a game as a service like Anthem or Destiny.

That’s not to say Gearbox hasn’t taken a few cues from other recent trends. For instance, you can slide down hills and ping anything in sight a la Apex Legends, and in a series first, each of the four classes can choose between multiple action skills. But otherwise, things felt functionally and thematically similar to previous entries – which isn’t inherently a bad thing. What I played of Borderlands 3 was filled to the brim with the off-color humor, slew of creative weaponry, and straightforward four-player co-op fun we know and love.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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