I’ve been trying to decide whether I think Spike Rush is better than Rocket League’s base mode. When I’m shown it at E3, the Psyonix devs in attendance casually introduce it as a component part of their ongoing Radical Summer event. It comes alongside a neon swathe of ’80s nostalgia-inducing cosmetics (from Ultimate Warrior decals to ET-themed wheels to a drivable KITT from Knight Rider), and another mode, Beach Ball. None of that is as good as Spike Rush.

The (very good) pitch I’m given is that if regular Rocket League is soccer with cars, Spike Rush is rugby with cars. Arriving for free on July 1, the mode’s fairly simple. There are still three cars on each side, and each is trying to get a big ball into the opponents’ goal, earning a point every time they do.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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