Many sims are best played from a god-like perspective. You’re in charge, so you need to view the action from high up. You oversee large-scale projects, like constructing skyscrapers, re-routing highways, designing roller coasters, and populating entire worlds. You can play Planet Zoo from a distant vantage, and sometimes you’ll need to. But based on the hands-off demo the developers walked me through at E3 2019, the real fun in Planet Zoo happens on the ground.

Down there is where you’ll find giraffes pulling leaves off trees, where saltwater crocodiles bathe in the sun, where cheetahs get restless and sprint the perimeter of their enclosure. The animals are incredibly detailed (provided your GPU is up to the task), from the bears’ intricate fur shading to the reptiles’ glossy, reflective scales. I’m no zoologist, but the animations looked convincing, too. And the poop? There’s so much poop.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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