The developers behind the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game claim their Avengers line-up being nearly identical to the MCU’s is a total coincidence.

In an interview with IGN’s Joshua Yehl, we asked Shaun Escayg, writer and creative director of Marvel’s Avengers, why Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America are the group who kick off Marvel’s Avengers, specifically inquiring if it’s because that’s the core MCU Avengers line-up (minus Hawkeye), and if they were chosen because that’s who the audience already knows and loves.

“Actually, I don’t even think we thought of it that way,” said Escayg. “When we came at this, we’re just like, ‘What’s the most original story we can tell?’ Literally. West Coast Avengers… is a comic that we started with. Just getting a premise of how can we tell this, how we can pull out our favorite parts of the Avengers and see where we can create one, the most conflict; two, give us the creative canvas we need to make this the most exciting game possible. So, we didn’t really approach it from the movies. We didn’t. We actually approached it more from the comics.”

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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