Today, the latest Nintendo Labo VR Kit miningame – Sushi Board – has launched on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has slowly but surely been releasing more and more reasons to hold its cardboard creations up to you face and today, they added one new minigame to the roster.


Sushi Board

As spotted by Nintendo Life, Sushi Board has released for free and with almost no fuss via the Toy-Con Workshop Channel (found in the news section of the Nintendo Switch Home screen).  There’s pretty much no information out there about what this game is, but typically Nintendo’s Labo Kit VR offerings are simple minigames that explore an interesting aspect of VR, as opposed to fully fledged immersive experiences. This joins other recently released Labo VR Kit Minigames like Alien Bopping, in which you, well, bop aliens on the head and a city smashing simulator.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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