I pull back my giant Zweihänder sword, ready for a stab, and then cancel my attack at the last second. My opponent falls for it, parrying a blow that never arrives. I haven’t dealt any damage yet, but in that instant I already know the fight is won. It’s in moments like this, where you work out how to expose an opponent’s weaknesses within the first few seconds of a fight, that I realised all the struggles I had during Mordhau’s painful opening hours were worth it.

After a short flurry of strikes and counters I draw my blade back for the second time. Again, I feint at the last moment, and again they bite, blocking at thin air. This time I’m ready to pounce, and they’re still recovering from their parry as I thrust forward. My blade jabs between their eyes, their neck snaps back as they fold to the floor, and their sword clatters on the cobblestones. “Good fight”, they say in chat as my next opponent approaches, twirling a spear.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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