The Epic Games Store began its “Mega Epic Sale,” but has hit some snags along the way, including two games being pulled off the store.

The Mega Epic Sale is offering some pretty major discounts, particularly the sweeping promotion where Epic itself is offering $10 off on all games priced $14.99 or higher, meaning games like Super Meat Boy that are normally $14.99 can currently be purchased for $4.99.

This discount comes courtesy of Epic itself, suggesting they’re paying for portions of the discount that extend beyond their 12% cut of the profits. This discount applies to games already on sale, so long as the sale price is above $14.99. Even unreleased games available for pre-purchase are receiving the discount, and everyone who pre-purchased an unreleased game prior to May 16 for $14.99 and above will get a $10 refund.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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