The early days of video games centered around arcade cabinets that were designed to require a continuous stream of quarters to keep progressing or to play another round. Video games were also notoriously difficult during this era, which in turn led to you spending more of your hard-earned money. When the first home consoles came about, video games were still relatively difficult—which on the one hand could be attributed to technical limitations, while on the other the devious minds of their creators.

As video games have progressed into the modern era, they’ve become much more accessible, in small part due to more comprehensive in-game tutorials and various difficulty options. They’ve also become far more cinematic, with more of an emphasis on narrative as opposed to focusing solely on the gameplay. But, there are still plenty of modern games that challenge your abilities, with many requiring extreme precision, puzzle solving, dexterity or even just an unwavering will to succeed. Here are 15 extremely difficult modern video games that will test your might.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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