Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, an Overwatch League pro, has been named a Time’s 2019 Next Generation Leader.

Announced by Time, the 19-year-old South Korean professional eSports player is part of the Shanghai Dragons in the Blizzard-produced Overwatch League. She started her career as a Zarya main and largely plays as a tank.

In 2016, Geguri was accused of using automatic aiming software to cheat, but was cleared of the accusation following an official investigation by Blizzard. Many who lobbied the charges left Overwatch League not much later. Of the incident, Geguri said “The one thing I learned after the hacking incident is that you should never accuse somebody without proper proof. I was able to get through this whole fiasco with the help and support of my teammates at the time.”

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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