Imagine translating 32,000 boxes of Japanese text, each box consisting of 15 or so words filled with nuanced dialogue and cultural references specific to a country other than your own. It’s a grueling task only the most dedicated would endure, and that’s exactly the spirit behind the Scarlet Study team, a group of enthusiastic online fans who did what Capcom couldn’t: translate the entirety of Dai Gyakuten Saiban, a standalone game in the Ace Attorney series, oftentimes dubbed The Great Ace Attorney.

Despite being a fully fledged Ace Attorney game complete with expressive animations and fleshed out cases on par with the mainline entries, Dai Gyakuten Saiban never saw release outside of Japan. Its 2015 release on the Nintendo 3DS came and went with no statement from Capcom on an official localization. Months became years, and it was clear the standalone Ace Attorney game would never reach Western eyes.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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