2018 provided a number of Marvel epics, starting with Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, ending with the PS4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. 

Despite this, fans will remember 2018 for one heartbreaking reason. It was the year when comic book legend, and creator of many Marvel superheroes, Stan Lee, aged 95, sadly passed away. Without him, both those titles, and hundreds more on all platforms, would simply never have existed.

His impact on adults and children around the globe was equally as influential as his impact on the media and entertainment industry. And it’s because of this that fans, and now developers, paid tribute to his long, brilliant legacy.

Come Join the Fun!!!

If you head into World of Warcraft now, you can bump into a new NPC named Stanley strolling round Alliance’s Stormwind Keep, rocking Lee’s famous sunglasses and mustache combo.

And if you hang round him a little longer, every now and again Stanley will shout “Excelsior”. This was real life Stan Lee’s most iconic and favorite catchphrase, meaning onward to greater things, and Blizzard’s way of saying thanks to the genius that paved the way for modern day superheroes, and so much more.

It’s reported that there’s another two Stanley NPC models dotted in the game files. But, as of yet, they haven’t been found in-game. Blizzard is currently preparing WoW update 8.1.5, so a couple more virtual Stan Lees could pop up once the patch rolls in.

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You can also visit a video game rendition of Lee in Sony’s previously mentioned Spider-Man. The Insomniac Games-developed web-slinger features a cameo of the late legend near the start of its campaign, where he states that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson “always were my favorites”.

And, of course, he’s in almost every Marvel movie and what not of the past decade. Lee’s never usually on screen for longer than ten seconds but, always, he’ll have something funny, sweet, or Stan Lee-ish to say.

Director Joe Russo confirmed that Lee had shot another, possibly last, Marvel appearance for Avengers: Endgame, too. And with Captain Marvel set to release before the fourth Avengers installment, where Lee will no doubt show up, there’s absolutely no chance you’ll be forgetting him any time soon. Like we could, anyway.


What do you think about this news? Have you found Stanley? What’s been your favorite tribute so far? Are you looking forward to his upcoming cameos? Let us know.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee.



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