Since the last instalment of IGN’s Red Dead Online review in progress Rockstar has confirmed that new anti-griefing measures are in the works, and has also teased “new features, modes, and additional Red Dead Online gameplay content updates” that it will share in the new year. The prospect of measures that may dissuade pointless griefing – or at least punish it appropriately – is very welcome.

I’m genuinely confused by the sentiment that the bedlam that sometimes occurs in free roam in the Red Dead Online beta is something that players should just put up with (or, worse, that it’s in some way totally faithful to the era). Certainly the American West earned its “Wild” moniker thanks to its untamed nature during the frontier era. However, if the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral had happened four times a day, every day, we wouldn’t remember the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (and every Western you ever watched would just be a 90-minute battle royale). Players who want to be left alone aren’t being precious; if they’re anything like me they just want to be able to immerse themselves in a believable world. There’s just nothing especially authentic about towns becoming war zones multiple times a day. I’ll be pleased with anything Rockstar can concoct to foster a free roam multiplayer environment that’s always fun to hang out in.

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