Update 12/18: Another individual has joined Alfonso Ribeiro in suing Epic Games for copying their famous dances.

Per the Daily Mail, the 16-year-old Backpack Kid (Russell Horning) is suing Epic Games for using his move, “The Floss” as an emote in the game. Though it is a one-time special reward made available in Battle Pass Season 2, players can’t actually purchase the move. The lawsuit has reportedly been filed by his mother on his behalf on Monday seeking unspecified damages against Epic games and Take Two, for its use in Fortnite and NBA 2K without permission or paying royalties.

Horning and The Floss became famous after he posted videos of himself performing the dance on Instagram, and reached a wider audience when he did the move during Katy Perry’s performance of Swish Swish on SNL in 2017.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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