The next Shadowverse expansion – Altersphere – will be upon us soon, and it’s one of my favourite themes yet. The set-up – as you can see in the trailer below – is that a being from another dimension is invading the world and twisting familiar characters into unfamiliar forms.

It’s a neat idea, and Cygames is clearly having fun bringing back fan favourite legendary characters in entirely new forms – and with different class alignments. Take Demonlord Eachtar, the incredibly strong Shadowcraft legendary from Tempest of the Gods. He’s returned as Holylord Eachtar, a Havencraft legendary minion. He still has the same play point cost and stat line, and still gives allied followers +2/+0 and Rush. He even still uses shadows (i.e. allied followers that have died) but instead of summoning zombies, summons Holy Cavaliers.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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