I’d like to share a truth with you. And that truth is that even Time – that Great Devourer of early polygonal graphics, that beast which hath smote and sullied many a PSone and PS2 icon, that ravager of (gaming) worlds – is powerless against the might of Katamari Damacy. This joyous game’s deliberately low-poly art style has proven to be not just a great artistic choice in its era, but the key to ensuring it ages with grace. About the only thing the PS2 version needed was a bump in resolution to really ensure its blocky aesthetic works on a modern screen, and with Reroll, that’s exactly what we have – and it’s glorious.

Of course, the real genius of Katamari Damacy is its central, simple, Blob-like idea: roll up things that are smaller than you (as represented by your katamari ball) in order to absorb them and grow, which then allows you to roll up larger things. It’s a through-line that takes you from rolling up thumbtacks and takoyaki all the way up to people and trees, and then onto an apocalyptic scale where you’re consuming ocean liners, cities, and the clouds themselves.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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