It’s been a little over a week since we published our initial impressions of the Red Dead Online beta and, while there haven’t been any grand new additions in terms of fresh missions or activities yet, I have had a different experience over the last week compared to my first.

During my first few days with the beta the service remained extremely reliable (I encountered no technical issues or drop-outs) and the largely-respectful culture of the Free Roam lobbies was a genuine surprise to me. Griefing was actually bafflingly rare.

In contrast, over the last week I encountered a long string of connection faults for the first time (error 0x20010006, isolated to one bad day, but I had more than a dozen drop-outs over the course of it) and Free Roam lobbies seem to be displaying a lot more of the boorish behaviour I’d anticipated from the outset. I’ve been shot in the back while fishing, I’ve been shoved off piers while fishing, and I’ve been tackled, beaten, and hogtied (while fishing).

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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