Thursday night’s Game Awards offered much in the way of glitz, glam, and game teasers — including an exclusive look at the fourth installment of BioWare’s blockbuster Dragon Age series. BioWare has been known to offer painstaking amounts of detail in their promo art which, if deciphered correctly, has the potential to unlock oodles of secrets about Thedas, character backstory, lore and more. Remember Inquisition’s character tarot cards?

Sure, maybe we didn’t get anything quite as lush as extensive character art, but Dragon Age fans are hungry. So we’ll take a 60 second trailer.

Even if those 60-seconds are sparse in some ways, they are rich in others. Sure, four seconds are devoted to BioWare’s logo, ten of them are a hashtag, and thirty seconds are spent in a slow pan over an ancient cursed idol… But those remaining sixteen seconds? Hoo boy. We’re graced with a real doozy of a promo image, coupled with a voiceover from a Dragon Age I major character. Does any of this give a clue into Dragon Age 4? Who is the Dread Wolf and why are they rising? What does it all mean?

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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