With the Black Armory, Bungie has opted to dramatically shift its content delivery strategy for Destiny 2, and results are mixed. On the one hand, if you’ve hit the maximum level you’ll have new weapons to chase and a few of the new Forges to explore, which is good enough to keep me busy for a while. However if you’re not at that 600 power level yet and have been excitedly looking forward to new PVP maps, Strikes, or Story missions to help you reach it in an entertaining way, then you’ll probably be disappointed as that’s all completely absent.

We open with a mission that’s unintentionally hilarious. You’re told you’re not welcome to the new area, but then your silent guardian flashes a badge you simply picked up from Spider while sporting a confused look on their face. Ada reacts as though you’ve given the secret Stonecutters’ handshake, rescinding her hostility and ceremoniously welcoming you to this new coveted space with no questions asked. This interesting character is then reduced to a stationary plot-delivery device and bounty vendor from that point forward, and it’s incredibly disappointing.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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