I’m relieved to announce that the time my wife and I spent together in Overcooked 2’s increasingly chaotic and always amusing kitchens has not resulted in divorce. It has, in fact, been great fun.

The sequel to one of my favorite indie games of 2016 follows a familiar loop: a team of chefs cuts food, cooks food, and serves finished dishes to invaders to save Onion Kingdom – this time from a zombie army of bread called the Unbread. It doesn’t radically change the formula of the first game and thus retains the pick-up-and-play mantra of the original to the point where my wife, who doesn’t typically play games, had no problem jumping in. But there are more interesting variables in the mix this time,  and thanks to those and some wildly inventive kitchens, varied recipes, and online functionality(!) Overcooked 2 is a ridiculously entertaining party game and a challenging extension of the original.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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