FIFA 19 will add local-only “House Rules” options to its Kick Off exhibition mode, including a Survival game type.

Part of a wide range of additions to the game’s local play options, House Rules are a decidedly sillier take on football than we’re used to from the simulation-focused franchise, and Survival is definitely the silliest.

The mode’s simple – every time a player scores a goal, a random member of their team (excluding the goalkeeper) is sent off the pitch. In a lovely touch, commentary has even been added that reflects the mode (Alan Smith has specific views about tactics in Survival, which is weirdly funny).

Other House Rules include: Long Range (goals count for two if scored from outside the box), Headers and Volleys (all goals other than those from headers and volleys are disallowed), First To… (the game has a goal limit, with whoever hits it first winning), and No Rules (all fouls and offsides are ignored). All of the House Rulesets will only be available offline, presumably to stop from dividing the playerbase up online.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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