Recent developments in World of Warcraft’s pre-Battle for Azeroth in-game event, War of the Thorns, have fans divided on the story moving forward into the latest expansion.

In War of the Thorns, the Alliance and Horde clash once again, this time with fan-favorite character Sylvanas leading the Horde. While the two factions have always been morally grey, Sylvanas’ most recent actions are solidly in the evil camp.

She was once a High elf, though her soul was taken from her body by the death knight Arthas. After that, she led the undead faction the Forsaken. Now she is in charge of the Horde, set on starting a full-fledged war with the Alliance. Her grizzliest act? Invading Northern Kalimdor and destroying Teldrassil, the World Tree.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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