Starting up Marvel Powers United VR for the first time is like stepping into a childhood dream. As I played through the prologue, throwing Cap’s shield and listening to Deadpool and Wolverine bicker, I was filled with glee at how good everyone looked up close and personal. Unfortunately, after the starting excitement wore off this superhero-powered co-op horde mode game quickly became repetitive due to the very similar feel of the heroes, bosses, and maps.

The training level has heroes interacting with each other and a hint of a story, but these aspects are not parts of the main game. Instead, a team of four heroes defends relays, finds power cells around the map, and fights bosses. My favorite part of a round is the first part, the relay defense, because it’s where you can just try out all of your superpowers on a whole bunch of small enemies like robots or Hydra soldiers, and that feels great. The animations are cool, creating combos is fun, and it’s immensely satisfying to sling webs as Spider-Man and smash into enemies as the Hulk. My personal favorite character to play is Iceman because he sets the whole team up for success and he is an underrated character in general. He can freeze tons of enemies, leaving them open to finishers from his teammates, and looking down to see your icy blue arms is just the right amount of jarring.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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