With its latest update, called Next, No Man’s Sky has rounded off enough of its rough edges and piled in enough content that exploring its weird galaxy is usually rewarding. It’s definitely a treadmill, though, and while there are countless upgrades and ships to acquire, bases to build, and resources to mine, the process of earning them involves hours upon hours of mindless and repetitive work.

Hopping in a spaceship, flying out of the atmosphere into space, then landing on another planet that looks completely different from the one you just left is as amazing as ever – a feat that still hasn’t been matched. Some worlds are scenic and beautiful, begging you to use the camera mode to capture the views of rolling hills with colorful plants and animals dotting the landscape and a ringed planet hanging over the horizon and peeking out between clouds; others are barren and ugly wastelands; and others are just bizarre. There really is an impressive range of sights.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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