The excellent Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 is a tough act to follow, but Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 doesn’t even come close. It contains X5 through X8, which range in quality from good all the way down to awful. At least Capcom put a lot of love into the port even if the games themselves don’t necessarily deserve much.

Just like the first collection, there are a lot of fun little extras in this package. The Museum collects all the music, artwork, products, and trailers from the series and there are plenty of screen options to tune the look and feel to your liking. Those include stretching the game to take up the entire 16:9 screen or keeping it 4:3 and retaining aspect ratio while taking up as much space as possible. You can also choose to have borders on or off, smooth out the graphics in filter settings, or turn off all of that so the games are presented with their original look.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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