The Mega Man X Legacy Collection is an absolutely fantastic compilation that contains the first four Mega Man X games. The first three alone are some of the best video games ever made for the Super NES and are still coveted by fans. Mega Man X4 was a bit more divisive when initially released, but I found myself enjoying it despite the surprising evolution in the art style. I’m incredibly happy to have this well executed compilation in my library of modern consoles and available on the go.

Not only is this a collection of superb ports, but it also adds several features that will be a pleasant surprise for longtime fans. The Museum features artwork, the original Japanese Rockman X trailers, photos of Mega Man X collectibles, all the music from each game, and even the Day of Sigma animated short that shipped with Maverick Hunter X on the PlayStation Portable. You can also choose to play either the US or Japanese versions of any of the included games.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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