Ghostbusters World isn’t trying to hide what it is — which is pretty much Pokemon Go-stbusters when you get right down to it — but it’s also trying to be a lot more than just a simple reskin. I got a chance to play it at San Diego Comic-Con today, and was impressed by how much it is trying to stand on its own.

The core is undeniably similar: you explore an AR map of your actual surroundings, tapping on different types of ghosts wandering around to battle them with your proton pack and eventually capture them. There are also gates that you can visit for extra items similar to PokeStops.

But catching ghosts isn’t as simple just tossing a ball, and Ghostbusters World reaches further by offering PvP and a story mode when it launches later this year. It also boasts smaller improvements, like using Google Maps data to show 3D buildings on the map around you.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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